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29. september 2009

At Nota we work to ensure that everyone have equal opportunities to acquire knowledge and experiences. If you have difficulty reading ordinary printed text Nota is your library.

We do more than just lending out books.We convert them to various forms of media - such as audiobooks, e-books or braille. To us, a book is not just a book - it may also be sound and images: On paper, digitally or in the air.

At Nota, we have over 80 years of experience in producing knowledge and experiences to our users. We are Denmark's oldest library, when it comes to serving people who have difficulties in reading. But Nota is more than history - we're a digital library that takes the future seriously. You will find us as well as our books online. 

At Nota we have an understanding of the difficulties that comes from not being able to read. Furthermore we have the required knowledge about technology - eg. speech synthesis and e-book players. But for us is the technology itself is not essential. It’s just a tool that enables our users to gain knowledge and opportunities in society.



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